OPWDD seeking comments on HCBS and Eligibility Guideline ADMs

OPWDD is considering the following ADMs and is seeking comments by May 26:
Individuals seeking supports and services offered through OPWDD’s HCBS Waiver must enroll in the HCBS Waiver program through their appropriate OPWDD Service Access, Program Implementation, Stakeholder Supports, Developmental Disabilities Regional Field Offices (DDRFOs). DDRFOs help individuals who indicate a need for services by using OPWDD’s tools for assessing individual needs and service planning. This process includes the determination of a developmental disability, a level of care and an evaluation of need.   Once an individual’s eligibility for OPWDD services is established, they are provided with opportunities for supports and services, which may include HCBS waiver services, that meet their needs.
The Eligibility Guidelines have been updated to incorporate eligibility-related information previously issued by OPWDD into one document. It also includes updated diagnostic terminology to reflect current diagnostic practices. 14 NYCRR § 629.1 establishes OPWDD’s eligibility determination process. The Eligibility Guidelines provide guidance on clinical and procedural issues related to the determination and review of basic eligibility for OPWDD supports and services.
Please provide any comments by May 26, 2023 to rau.unit@opwdd.ny.gov, with the name of the ADM in the subject line, so they may be given full consideration prior to finalization.