New York authorizes Choice Model for implementing Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

CP State is very pleased that the New York State announced on April 14 that they have elected the Choice Model for implementing Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).  This will allow individual providers to choose and select the EVV vendor that best meet their Affiliate/agency’s needs.

From the DOH:

Following a series of engagements with a wide variety of stakeholders and carefully considering input from Medicaid beneficiaries, family caregivers, providers, advocates, partner agencies and Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) solution providers, including information gathered from a Request for Information (RFI), New York has elected to proceed with the Choice Model for implementing EVV.

New York selected the Choice Model for the following reasons: (1) it best ensures that consumers will have EVV options from which to consider when selecting a provider; (2) it gives providers of service the flexibility to select an option that best meets their business needs and the needs of the consumers they serve; and (3) it recognizes that many providers serving New York’s Medicaid consumers have already implemented EVV systems that meet the requirements of the Cures Act, preserving the investment that has already been made, avoiding duplicative costs, and eliminating disruption to consumers and caregivers. New York has notified CMS it has selected the Choice Model – please see letter at

Summarized feedback received through the web-based and in-person Listening Sessions was collected in an EVV Stakeholder Convening Report which is available at, and a summary of the responses to the RFI conducted in 2019 is posted on the RFI website at

To immediately begin to help providers select and implement an EVV solution under the New York State EVV Choice Model, the Department of Health (DOH) has published EVV Program Requirements, including Considerations for Selecting an EVV system in its EVV Resource Library at

DOH will also be setting up a Technical Assistance Forum to allow for continued collaboration and communication with EVV stakeholders.  The first session will be held on April 20, 2020.  The schedule for subsequent sessions will be available on the NY Medicaid Electronic Visit Verification Program Event Calendar at

If you have general EVV inquiries or if you would like to submit written comments, please email

Thank you.