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The COVID-19 pandemic we’re all living through is scary and life-changing. It’s one of those things we’ll tell our grandchildren about—on par with the way life changed during world wars or the Great Depression. However, it’s bigger than the previous social shifts, not only because of its tragic outcomes, but also because it’s affecting so many of us at once and changing every aspect of life from the most significant (work, income, health) to the mundane (the availability of basic products).

To say that workers in our noble field are heroes is true yet may even be an understatement for what colleagues see in each other. Leaders today have been described as advocates, champions, listeners, and warriors. While disability providers have always faced adversity, something this big creates the opportunity for new thinking. A panel of CP Executive Directors will discuss the various obstacles and achievements from the year 2020. The group will share lessons about resilience and response; lessons about community; and lessons in finding happiness again as we look towards the future.


Leisa Alger, Executive Director, Able2

Mary Boatfield, President & CEO, CP Rochester/Happiness House

Robert McGuire, Executive Director, Cerebral Palsy of Long Island

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