ISS exemption from 20% withhold 

The Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) reported on their call with providers that certain payments for housing will be exempt from the 20% withhold. Such payments are included in Individual Supports and Services (ISS) contracts, Assistive Support Prices, and direct housing subsidies in self-directed budgets. 

 OPWDD indicated that payments made during the current quarter (July1, 2020 to September 30, 2020) of the State’s current fiscal year for invoices related to the ISS (ISS/Housing Subsidy) Program will not be subject to the 20% withhold, regardless of service date. This applies to housing subsidies that are directly available to individuals enrolled in the traditional ISS program and paid through an ISS contract or Assistive Support Price, as well as people who receive housing subsidies and self-direct their services.

Special designation needed

To ensure that a portion of these payments are not inadvertently withheld, OPWDD is requiring that any invoices, vouchers and claims for reimbursement of ISS/housing subsidies be specifically identified when they are submitted. Effective immediately, please include the term “ISS/housing subsidy” in the upper right-hand corner of any ISS/housing subsidy request for reimbursement. 

Payments that have already been made from which the 20% was withheld are currently being reviewed by OPWDD. You will be contacted if there is need for further information.

As a reminder, the 20% withhold continues to be applied to other state-only forms of reimbursement.

We will inform you of any additional requirements as they become available and will continue to work on a longer commitment. Kevin Valenchais and his staff, as well as others at OPWDD worked to get this accomplished for all the people who are living independently in the community and we are grateful for their effort.