Darrell Whitbeck appointed CEO of Ability Partners Agencies

Ability Partners Board of Directors has selected Darrell Whitbeck, current Chief Operating Officer (COO), as the next President/Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ability Partners Agencies.

Darrell began working for Happiness House in February of 2003 as an Occupational Therapist.  Due to Darrell’s hard work, intelligence and excellent work ethic, he was promoted into various positions throughout his career at Happiness House; serving as the Coordinator of QA and Clinical Department Coordinator, the Director of Adult Center-Based Services and Quality Assurance, Senior Operations Director of Clinical Services/QA.  He was promoted to the Vice President of Clinical Services and QA for CP Rochester and Happiness House in 2015 and has been serving as the Chief Operating Officer/Executive Vice President (COO) for CP Rochester and Happiness House since 2018.

Throughout Darrell’s career he has worked in and provided oversight to several agency programs and has a high level of knowledge with oversight regulations and compliance.  He has provided excellent leadership and oversight to the agencies’ operations.

While in the COO position, Darrell worked closely with Mary Boatfield, President/CEO and was part of her succession planning.

Darrell will continue to provide the exceptional leadership that Ability Partners Agencies has known.

Darrell will assume the CEO role in March 2023 upon Mary’s retirement and will begin transitioning with her over the next few months.