CP Unlimited welcomes two Columbia Grad School students for fellowship during COVID-19  pandemic

In June, CP Unlimited welcomed 2 students from Columbia University Graduate School of Business for the start of their Summer Fellowship Program.  Stephanie Lin and Li Wang met with CEO Susan Constantino and CFO Tom Mandelkow to share their interests in learning about the services we provide, and their hopes that their projects will provide useful analysis and information to CP Unlimited.

The Governing Board and Management of CP Unlimited would like to thank:

Bruce Usher, Co-Director of the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise; Elizabeth Strickler ’86 and Mark T. Gallogy ’86 Faculty Director &   Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia Business School for sponsoring the students and giving us the opportunity to host the fellows.

Our special thanks to Program Director Ivy Hatsengate for her advice and guidance.


Stephanie Lin’s educational background consists of a double major for Finance and Statistics at NYU. She also has just finished her first year of an MBA at Columbia Business School and will complete her degree May 2021. Her work experience involves 3 years at Deloitte as a data consultant.

Her interest in CP U is giving her new experiences in working with a non-profit entity, particularly specializing in data analytics. Her experience as an intern is definitely helping her become ready for the nonprofit world: a sphere she hopes to work in post-MBA.

Stephanie wrote:

My project is about measuring the ROI of telemedicine. For context, CPU engaged in a telemedicine project since late 2018, and now want to assess if the grant money used to fund it was put into good use.

What I want to learn is what needs to be considered when assessing a project in the nonprofit space. I am used to evaluating the value of things from a for-profit perspective, so this internship is definitely a great learning opportunity for me to understand how nonprofits assess differently.

I hope to bring to CPU my background in data analytics for financial consulting, as well as my first year of an MBA education.


Li Wang recently graduated from Columbia Business School with concentration in Finance and Healthcare Management. She received her bachelor’s degree in economics from Tsinghua University in China. Her focus on healthcare industry for 7 years in Tokyo, Japan involved working as a strategy analyst for Takeda Pharmaceuticals, then as a management consultant for Price Waterhouse Coopers.  Li has accumulated rich experience in business analytics and organizational transformation.

Her project in CPU will be looking at the impact at COVID-19 in an IDD setting. This will give her the experience in looking at the health care industry in US and understand the financial impact of COVID-19 to OPWDD service providers in New York State. She is looking forward to gaining practical skills in risk/crisis management.

Li Wrote:

I am trying to quantify the financial impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the revenues and costs at CP U, and develop forecast of the upcoming years and recommendations for higher operational efficiency.

This project is tremendously helpful for me to understand the services for IDD population, healthcare system in New York and the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and our society.

Hopefully, the project results will bring a bit more visibility of the operations for CP U and be helpful in preparation for any potential crisis.