CP Nassau kicks off Health and Wellness Campaign

Sharon Rothstein, Director of the Adult Day Services Program at CP Nassau greets Hap P. Waterdrop! As a committee member, Sharon is truly convinced of the benefits of water and took part in the survey on day one!

CP Nassau’s new Health and Wellness program, Wellness on the MOVE! is being implemented to help our staff and participants adopt and maintain healthy behaviors to improve overall health. This is especially important as we see light at the end of the COVID tunnel and everyone can benefit from some self-care!

A committee formed of staff volunteers has been doing lots of research and discovered the benefits of HYDRATION are so amazing that the group decided to put the starting focus there!  Being properly hydrated allows our circulation to carry nutrients effectively to our body’s cells. As a result, hydration has a myriad of terrific benefits. Hap P. Waterdrop is the campaign mascot who, along with a Star Wars Storm Trooper, greeted people around the CP Nassau headquarters and encouraged all to participate in a survey that was custom designed to assess the level of interest in improving health and wellness among staff. Everyone who completes the survey receives a unique “Wellness on the MOVE” water bottle and is entered in a raffle to win $500!  So far, there is a great level of enthusiasm for this exciting new effort that is just the start of getting all at CP Nassau to be their best self!