CP Annual Conference – Session Info and Presentations

If you missed the exciting and informative sessions at the 2021 CP Annual Conference, you can catch up here!

Please note: Due to the nature of some subjects, we are not able to make every presentation available. 

NYS Medicaid Program Update

An update on the NYS Medicaid program and its plans for the I/DD sector.

Speaker: Brett Friedman, Medicaid Director, Office of Health Insurance Programs, NYS Department of Health

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Using Social Media for Effective Advocacy

Tik Tok? Twitter? Facebook? Woof? How should we use the ever-changing landscape of social media to connect with our legislators and their constituents? This session will look at the impact of good digital communication and advocacy on the real world.

Speakers: Barbara Crosier, Bill DeVoe

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Google Project Euphonia

This session will present an overview of what Project Euphonia is, the goals with case studies, and the need for gathering enough recordings. Data collection efforts with Euphonia will be discussed including some updates on the details of the data collection. Additionally, the presenter will discuss the trusted tester program and how individuals with ID/DD can get involved. This session is good for both professionals and parents or anyone who wants to know more about how technology can help someone with speech impairments communicate better.

Speakers: Marilyn A. Ladewig, Speech Language Pathologist, Google

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Telehealth Grant Update

This session will provide an update on the CP of NYS Telehealth Grant, and current data will be shared along with satisfaction data on the client experience.

Speakers: Meghan Calichman, Dr. Matthew Kaufman, Deb Williams

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The Future Of Residential Programs: Managing Our Current Realities As We Plan

This interactive session will explore what various Affiliates are experiencing now and how they are planning for the future with a focus on rightsizing, staffing, vacancy management, integration of day activities, special initiatives, and future models.

Speakers: Tom Gillespie, Kathy Klosner, Susan Mentecki, Dahlian Porter

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BDO: Non-Profit Standards

BDO’s 5th Annual Nonprofit Standards: A Benchmarking Survey will be discussed along with key findings and trends.

Speakers: Matthew Becker, Adam Cole, Keith Linzer

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Advocacy: Setting The Table For 2022 Legislative Session

This panel will look at public relations strategies surrounding an advocacy campaign, choosing the right tactics, and setting objective goals for determining success.

Speakers: Barbara Crosier, Bill DeVoe, Tommy Meara, Evan Sullivan

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Independent Living Through Self-Direction

Advocates Incorporated’s Residential Team will discuss approaches to putting the pieces together for people wishing to self-direct their services to live independently within their own communities. Topics will include getting started with the Self-Direction process and how to leverage a person’s individualized Self Direction budget to support non-certified independent living. We will provide an overview of various pieces of the puzzle including self-hired staffing, Residential Coordination, Paid Neighbor and Live-in-Caregiver components.
Speakers: Amy Dugliss, Executive Director; Beth Henderson, Director of Operations; Reina Campbell, Housing Navigator/Broker Supervisor – Advocates Incorporated
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Diversity and Inclusion: Getting to be Clear

The topic of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) has been an area of focus for several years. However, in many organizations, little progress has been made in terms of truly leveraging the value of D&I to create true inclusive environments. In this session, we will work to BE CLEAR and intentional about D&I efforts which will support a sustainable strategic approach in your organization.

Speaker: Delphia Howze, Owner & CEO, D. Howze Solutions, LLC

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MOVE Program

This session will offer an overview of the MOVE program and how it has been implemented at various sites. It will address the challenges in implementing MOVE and provide strategies to overcome these challenges. Highlights include how the MOVE program has helped increase choice-making opportunities for individuals, encourage independence for individuals in moving about their environment and reduce lifting on the part of family members and support providers.

Speakers: Karrie Diacetis, Program Manager – MOVE International; Symong Choi, DPT, PT Supervisor – CP of Long Island; Melissa D’Accardo, PhD, Curriculum & Training Specialist – CP Unlimited

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