Updated Timeline for 2022 SCIP-R Instructor and Curriculum update

Extended Instructor Update timeline:  The date for which the SCIP-R Instructor Trainers and Instructors must receive the Instructor update has been extended to March 31, 2023 (previously December 31, 2022) to remain certified as Instructors.  The full memo is included below for reference. 

OPWDD is currently supporting the implementation of two curricula: Strategies for Crisis Intervention and Prevention-Revised (SCIP-R) which is currently used by the Voluntary Agency providers, and Positive Relationships Offer More Opportunities to Everyone (PROMOTE) which is currently used in all State-Operated programs. OPWDD has been actively working on building a stronger infrastructure to support Voluntary Agency providers with maintaining the certification of their current SCIP-R Instructor Trainers and/or Instructors and developing new SCIP-R Instructors to continue delivering SCIP-R and refresher courses.

OPWDD will be offering a SCIP-R Instructor update to streamline and support the continued implementation of the program. The update will review minor changes to the curriculum and other topics included below.

Suggested distribution for this announcement:

Training Staff including all SCIP-R Instructors

Agency Managers (Residential and Day programs)

Quality Improvement Staff

Psychology/Behavior Intervention Specialist Staff

Personal Intervention Techniques:

Based on feedback received from the field to help maintain current Instructors’ ability to train SCIP-R Core and to bring SCIP-R further into alignment with PROMOTE, select personal intervention techniques are being moved between SCIP-R Core and SCIP-R Specialized.


To ensure that SCIP-R Instructors maintain current certification and to provide more details on the changes to the alignment of personal intervention techniques and the below ongoing flexibilities, a SCIP-R Instructor update is being scheduled. In this update, Instructors currently certified only in SCIP-R Core will receive training in the personal intervention techniques being added to SCIP-R Core.

Master Trainers will schedule instructor updates to all currently certified SCIP-R Instructor Trainers beginning in September 2022, who will then in turn, provide the update to currently certified Instructors. All SCIP-R Instructor Trainers and Instructors must receive the update by March 31, 2023 (previously December 31, 2022), to remain certified.

Employee Certification:

Employees will receive certification in the added personal intervention techniques during their next annual recertification training. All employees requiring SCIP-R Core certification must be certified in the updated personal intervention techniques reflected in the listing by December 31, 2023.

Ongoing Flexibilities:

As covered in the May 9, 2022 OPWDD Updated Guidance Regarding Abbreviated/Refresher Training and Recertifications, the following flexibilities remain in place.

SCIP-R Audience: Agencies may use a targeted approach to staff training for SCIP-R or PROMOTE, as required under 633.16. Staff should only be trained to the level of certification that includes the physical intervention techniques necessary to implement the behavior support plans (BSP) of individuals they will be supporting in the certified programs where they primarily work (e.g., SCIP-R Core, PROMOTE Level 1).

Delivery methods: Agencies may consider alternate delivery methods for staff training during the lecture and small group activity portions of the training. Alternate delivery methods may include live, instructor-led sessions using video conference, webinars, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or other similar platforms.

Class size:  For clarification, the SCIP-R manual does not identify a minimum class size. Consideration should be given to the interventions being practiced and assessed when determining the total number of class participants and instructors needed to hold the class. The maximum participant to instructor ratio for practice and assessment of personal intervention techniques remains 10:1. The maximum participant to instructor ratio for lecture and small group activity remains 25:1.

Please email any questions to TalentDevelopment@opwdd.ny.gov.