CP State is committed to nonstop advocacy for people with disabilities

Earlier this week, CP State Affiliates received resources to develop and strengthen relationships with local legislators and pave the way for effective advocacy for our legislative asks.

These included:


  • The CP State Advocacy Planner
  • How to conduct a legislative visit
  • How to use the CP State Advocacy Tool
  • A CP State fact sheet
  • A SAMPLE Affiliate fact sheet for customization
  • A palm card with QR code that links to a brief video on Willowbrook

If you did not receive these materials, or have any questions or feedback, please contact Barbara Crosier or Bill DeVoe.

Advocacy is an evolving process, so these materials may change with the financial and political landscape. If and when they do, CP State will get updated material out promptly.

Likewise, we will share material focused on our specific statewide advocacy asks as soon as they are developed.