Promote 988, the mental health crisis number

The Office of Mental Health is requesting your help promoting its upcoming 988 Newsletter which will help New Yorkers stay up to date on the July 16 transition to the FCC-designated mental health crisis number.

The first edition of the newsletter is due out at the end of the month and it’s being written for ALL New Yorkers, so we’d really appreciate it if you could help spread the word and get people signed up for the List Serv.

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988 – A New Number for the Behavioral Health Crisis Hotline in New York State

988 is the new three-digit number that connects callers with behavioral health crisis counselors. Once it goes live on July 16, 2022, callers who dial 988 will be connected to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline call centers. This easy-to-remember number will change the way we address behavioral health crises in New York State. The New York State Office of Mental Health has created a monthly newsletter that will provide updates, education, and information on 988.

To stay current on the development and implementation of 988 in New York, sign up for the 988 Updates and Education newsletter. When you click on the link a blank email message will open. All you will need to do is press send and you will be signed up for the newsletter. The first newsletter is expected to be sent out at the end of March 2022.

If you’d like to send out something different or are looking to change up the text- please check with me first to ensure it is accurate. There are a lot of nuances to 988 messaging that we have to follow ahead of its launch. Also, please sign up for the list serv yourself to get OMH’s sharable 988 educational resources delivered straight to your inbox for easy promotion!