Jan. 25 – Social Media Day of Advocacy

As New York’s nonprofit disability service sector continues to struggle with the impacts of chronic underfunding, rising inflation costs, and widespread staffing shortages, the need to secure long-term investment from the State Government has never been more urgent. Now is the time to make our voices heard and tell Governor Hochul that she must make the disability community a priority in the 2024 Executive Budget.
On January 25, CP State and its partners in New York Disability Advocates are holding a Social Media Day of Action, where we’ll be posting throughout the day on Twitter and Facebook urging Governor Hochul to include much-needed investments for the I/DD community in this year’s budget.

Your voice is the most powerful! We want you to tell your own story, but you can also help by sharing, retweeting, and replying to our posts. Include the hashtags #DisabilityAwareness and #IDDPriority, and remember to tag us so we can amplify your voice!

At a loss for words? There are sample posts below.

Who to tag

Tag @CPState, @nydisabilityadvocates and @Governor Kathy Hochul on Facebook

Tag @CPState, @nydisabilityadv and @GovKathyHochul on Twitter

Accounts to follow

Twitter: @CPState, @NYdisabilityadv, @theArcNY, @IACnydd, NYAlliance, DDAWNY

Facebook: CP State, NYDA, TheArcNY, IAC, NY Alliance

Sample posts

  • New York’s I/DD community is facing a crisis. The time is NOW for @GovKathyHochul to take action and include desperately-needed funding for the I/DD service sector in the SFY 2024 Executive Budget. #IDDPriority #CareCantWait
  • With high staff turnover costing nonprofit provider agencies $100M per year, New York’s I/DD community is in crisis. @GovKathyHochul we’re counting on you to take action & include much-needed investments for the I/DD service sector in the upcoming Executive Budget #IDDPriority #CareCantWait
  • With rising costs of inflation, operational costs for nonprofit I/DD provider agencies are skyrocketing. @GovKathyHochul MUST include an 8.5% COLA increase in this year’s Executive Budget to ensure the future viability of the I/DD service system because  #carecantwait. #IDDPriority
  • We cannot achieve the #NewYorkDream if we don’t ensure fair wages for essential work. Tell @GovKathyHochul: NOW is the time to raise DSP wages by including a wage enhancement in the budget. New York’s I/DD community depends on it. #IDDPriority #CareCantWait
  • DSPs are highly trained and skilled professionals that provide essential support & services to 130,000+ New Yorkers with I/DD. Their #NewYorkDream is to continue to do this essential work without relying on just above minimum wage to support themselves & their families. @GovKathyHochul raise DSP wages NOW and make the I/DD service sector a priority in this year’s Executive Budget  #IDDPriority #CareCantWait


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