Information needed in the event of Article 16 Clinic closure

Good afternoon Article 16 Clinic leaders,

OPWDD expects that the VO Article 16 Clinics remain open to provide essential health care services throughout New York State, with exceptions for lack of staffing or other challenges, such as temporary lack of demand for such services.  Further, we encourage Article 16 Clinicians to use their best professional and clinical judgment to prioritize the needs for services and individuals in their communities, based upon the relative acuity or immediacy of their needs.

In the event that an Article 16 Clinic has to temporarily close a clinic site during this state of emergency, the Voluntary Agency needs to submit the following in writing to the OPWDD clinic mailbox ( (1) the date of temporary closure and locations of Article 16 Satellite Clinics, and subsequently, (2) the date that they have re-opened, once that is known.

Note, if the OPWDD Article 16 Satellite Clinics are closed permanently, then a Certificate of Need (CON) needs to be submitted to OPWDD clinic mailbox.

Thank you

-Allison Behan

Allison Behan

Director, Statewide Article 16 Clinics

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