CP of NYS Day & Employment Committee Updates

TO: CP of NYS Day & Employment Committee

 Below are updates for OPWDD & ACCES-VR


The HCBS Appendix K waiver has been approved and it is very complex and will need detailed review/presentations.  

  • SEMP  is NOT INCLUDED for retainer days.  We are extremely disappointed.  The provider associations and CCOs are discussing creative/alternative ways to provide these services
  • There is a webinar tomorrow, April 9 at 2:00PM for  day hab, pre-voc and com hab providers.   If you haven’t already registered for the webinar use this link.
    1. There may be another webinar on Monday focusing on day services.  


CP of NYS joined a call with IAC, DDAWNY and the NY Alliance to discuss ACCES-VR to preserve services. Thanks to Toni Sullivan for representing CP of NYS.

The goal is to work with ACCES-VR to look at the big picture including:

·       We must take swift action and think outside of the box to preserve VR services for people who currently depend on them and for those students who will be graduating and need support in the future

·       The milestone billing concept will be inadequate to support the infrastructure and we suggest quarterly payments instead, with different deliverables

·       Deliverables will be designed to support people as they need it now and to prepare them for future job success when the pandemic and subsequent economic devastation is over

·       Guiding principles that would keep things moving forward, although quite differently, include

o   Paperless everything

o   Nearly every service to be delivered remotely (we thank ACCES-VR for being forward thinking in looking at remote service delivery and think we can do even more)

o   Implementation of electronic signatures ASAP

o   Allowing vendors to provide entry services so cases can continue to be opened

 If you have time, Jim Scutt has asked to gather some deliverables, i.e. what are you currently going in ACCES Extended and Intensive that is either currently considered a deliverable or for which you are not getting   directly reimbursed?  Please send these to Toni Sullivan Toni.Sullivan@aspirewny.org by Friday.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Stay healthy!


Barbara Crosier

Vice President, Government Relations

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Please note that our emails have changed. 

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